Nutrition is fundamental for wellbeing and that is why at Borgo Egnazia the carefully chosen food and wine proposal allows you to discover an unprecedented balance between taste and health. Far from the concept of “deprivation”, it pays homage to the Mediterranean culture of food, whose secret ingredient is conviviality.

The starting point is the conscious and sustainable choice of the raw ingredients together with the enhancement of the truest flavours, through the conservation of traditions and simple cooking techniques with reference to the Mediterranean diet.

To guarantee all guests an experience of wellbeing through food, taste and health, Borgo Egnazia has created its Golden Rules of nutrition and has aligned its entire food offering to respect these principles. It is not a question of a “diet”, but of simple suggestions for healthy living, scientifically recognized and adapted to the heritage of traditions and knowledge of contemporary cuisine.

The Golden Rules suggest how to prepare dishes and consume food in the most correct way in order to achieve the wellbeing of body and mind. Consequently, all the Bars and Restaurants at Borgo Egnazia have aligned with this vision, redesigning the Menus in the light of these precious indications by providing:

– care during the preparation and serving of dishes (use of salt, cooking methods for vegetables, portion size);
– careful choice of raw ingredients to increase the presence of vegetables and fibre (preference for types of pasta made from whole grains, constant presence of vegetables);
– construction of multifunctional dishes (preference for proteins of vegetable origin with the integration of fibre);
– not by privation but rather the conscious consumption of foods that contribute to psychophysical wellbeing (presence of desserts with few added sugars and offered at the right times of the day, presence of more complex and nutritious preparations available in the central part of the day).