healthy nutritional path

Tasting Menu “Puglian Fruit”

La Calce 2nd July 2021

All the dishes in this Menu have been designed and created to guarantee our guests an experience of wellbeing through food, taste and health

For the preparation and consumption of food, we began with the Golden Rules of nutrition: principles of healthy living, scientifically recognized and adapted, in harmony with the heritage of tradition and knowledge of contemporary cuisine.

La Calce is the heart of wellbeing and offers a selection of balanced dishes that can help slow down cellular aging, improve physical health and reduce inflammation and stress.

Every dish has a Nutri Score indication, a new European labelling system that defines the nutritional quality of food on a scale ranging from A (healthy) to E (unhealthy).

Discover more about our food wellbeing vision (click here>) and our Golden rules (click here>)


Almond and cherry
Calories: approx 50 Kcal
Fibre: 1g
Nutri Score: A
Nutritional description and benefits:
Small course but full of benefits: the almond almond brings an important nutritional value to the dish that consists in the essential unsaturated fatty acids, this ingredient that looks like a fresh cheese has a nutritional profile opposite to the classic cheeses.
The cherry in purity, enriches with vitamins and mineral salts this course, in particular the presence of vitamin C. Overall this appetizer is a precious box of nutrients useful for immune defense and defense from cardiovascular disorders.


Goat milk ricotta cheese, apricot, fig vincotto and mixed salad
Calories: approx 115 Kcal
Fibre: 1g
Nutri Score: A
Nutritional description and benefits:
This course is a good balance between flavors and nutritional composition, it does not contain added sugar but apricot’s one, which provides vitamins A and C, useful for sight and antioxidant function of the body. The ricotta cheese serves as a nutritional center with proteins and fats, which are associated to fiber and minerals of mixed herbs in order to avoid the accumulation of fats and cholesterol.


Risotto with crustaceans, fresh broad beans and fermented lemon
Calories: approx 90 Kcal
Fibre: 0.5 g
Nutri Score: B
Nutritional description and benefits:
This course is a source of energy thanks to the presence of a main cereal. Crustaceans helps to avoid the accumulation of cholesterol thanks to omega 3 – 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
The vegetal part is responsible for providing fiber, which is useful for the body to define intestinal regulatory functions. We find in the lemon, in particular, the benefits of lactic
fermentation, which enriches the vegetables with substance such as probiotics and prebiotics.

Cuttlefish, potato, barberry and onion
Calories: approx 80 Kcal
Fibre: 1g
Nutri Score: A
Nutritional description and benefits:
The dish allows the encounter of sea and land of our territory, from the nutritional point of view loses the characteristics of a first course thanks to the low carbohydrate content. The cuttlefish is a source of several minerals, sodium in particular. Whereas barberry is a concentrate of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances.


Mackerel with fruit and vegetable salad and sweet-and-sour grape
Calories: approx 140 Kcal
Fibre: 1 g
Nutri Score: A
Nutritional description and benefits:
The dish is marked by protein, mackerel is the main character; it is source of proteins, quite a lot of minerals and, not least, Omega-3 fatty acids, important for a healthy diet. Vegetables, together with the fruit, give freshness to the taste of the dish as well as vitamins and minerals.
The grape completes the tasting cycle thanks to its digestive benefit.


Puglian sun
Calories: approx 100 Kcal
Fibre: 1 g
Nutri Score: A
Nutritional description and benefits:
The dessert is characterized by the presence of carotenoids, orange-yellow pigment of vegetables. Carotenoids are important for the vitamin intake (provitamin A) and have
photoprotective action to the sun, moreover they are important antioxidants.
This course has a low presence of added sugar, and acquires added value thanks to the presence of fermented milk. The bitter almonds, eaten in moderate amounts, are important
for B17 vitamin supply.