The Golden Rules of nutrition are principles of healthy living and suggest how to prepare dishes and how to consume food in the most correct way – without deprivation – for the wellbeing of body and mind. All the Bars and Restaurants of Borgo Egnazia have redesigned their Menus following these precious indications and describing to guests this philosophy.

What do we do? 

1. We use a small amount of salt without compromising the taste
2. We propose the right portion size for every dish
3. We start with vegetables, the real protagonist in our cooking, always ensuring the right amount of fibre
4. Creating dishes that balance, with flavour, all the micronutrients: carbohydrates (45-60%), protein (reduced presence) and fats (moderate presence)
5. We only use fresh local ingredients, we prefer simple cooking techniques, we love genuine flavours

What do we recommend you do?

1. Freely choose your preferred dishes, we will take care of the rest
2. Where possible, eat in company of others: conviviality is the secret ingredient of Happiness
3. Discover the aromas in our dishes and let yourself be transported by the memories and sensations suggested by smells and flavours
4. Consume a lot of water, in all its forms (fruits, vegetables, milk, tea, herbal teas, broths and juices)
5. Treat yourself to a dessert without thinking about it too much (desserts are prepared using a moderate amount of fat and added sugar)